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            Welcome to BMW-Brilliance

            The All-New BMW 3 Series Launched in China

            June 22, 2019

            (Beijing) On June 22nd, 2019, the all-new BMW 3 Series was launched at Wuqing V1 racetrack, opening the 7th chapter of legendary history of BMW 3 Series. As the 4th localized generation of 3 Series, it continues to offer both standard wheelbase and long wheelbase models along with 18 high-value standard configuration, underpinning BMW Brilliance’s commitment to Chinese customers. The MSRP announced for six BMW 325 Li and BMW 325i models are starting from RMB 313,900 to 363,900. Other models including BMW 320i/320Li/339i/330Li will be launched next year.

            BMW 3 Series builds a strong fans base over decades. The average age of recent BMW consumers is only 34 years old. The “2019 BMW Mission 3” event has been officially kicked off at the event, covering 200 cities in the next 5 months.

            BMW 3 Series is known to be the byword of sheer driving pleasure, and the 7th generation is even more so. The track width is extended by 52mm in the front and 27mm at the rear, while the gravity center is reduced by 10 mm. It is also equipped with a series of high-valued features as standard offer, such as the LED headlight, Active air flaps, and Dual free form tailpipes. With BMW’s latest 4-cylinder Twin-power Turbo Engine and 8-speed steptronic transmission, the new model brings unrivalled dynamics in its segment. The new generation significantly raised its body stiffness by 25% while maintaining the classic 50:50 weight distribution. Besides global tests, the new vehicle was also tested under various roads and extreme weather conditions to fit the requirement of Chinese customers in a best way.

            The interior design of the All-new 3 Series demonstrates pioneering modern luxury with cutting-edge technology and next-level of well-being. The newly designed 12.3 inches digital instrument cluster, along with the 10.25 inches touch screen brings a fresh high-tech cabin. The new generation is also equipped with the China exclusive comfort seat and the also China-market specific LWB version offers 2,961mm wheelbase, bringing very spaciousness interior. The model offers up to 6 different colors, with two new colors for the Chinese market.

            The All-new BMW 3 Series comes with cutting-edge innovations in connectivity and advanced driving assistant functions, further testifying the motto of “thrilling Luxury”. One of the major highlight in terms of connectivity is the use of BMW iDrive 7.0 and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, revolutionizing the digital operation inside the cabin. The latest driving assistant technologies like Traffic Jam Assistant and Reversing Assistant are also applied to this new model.

            The all-new BMW 3 Series is produced by BMW Brilliance’s state-of-art Plant Tiexi. It is redefining the iconic premium sports sedan with “Industry 4.0” technology, and benchmarking the segment of the new era.

            Information about BMW Group products is available to consumers via the Internet at:


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