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            Welcome to BMW-Brilliance

            BMW 530Le E-range Extension Launched with E-range Increased to 95km

            Feb 27, 2020

            On February 27, BMW Brilliance rolled off the 3 millionth locally produced BMW, a BMW 530Le E-range Extension, from the production line of its Plant Dadong in Shenyang. At the same time, the joint venture announced the launch of the PHEV in China.

            With powerful product strength, the BMW 530Le has been a leader in the market of premium NEVs. The BMW 530Le E-range Extension is an upgraded version, which features innovative battery technology that increases the vehicle’s e-range to 95 kilometers, up 42% compared to the previous generation.

            The combined fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is further decreased to 1.5 litres. The enhanced environmental performance lifts BMW’s electric driving pleasure to a new high level. The MSRP of the new model remains unchanged from that of the previous model, demonstrating BMW’s commitment to bringing greater value to customers via innovation.

            Powered by BMW’s latest eDrive technology, the BMW 530Le E-range Extension is equipped with a high-performance battery pack of 17.7kWh, an increase of 37%. At the same time, the battery pack is optimized to achieve a perfect balance among energy density, performance, safety and efficiency, which is a core advantage of BMW’s eDrive technology.

            Delivering the sheer driving pleasure, the new model is equipped with the latest B48 2.0T engine. The plug-in hybrid system can deliver a maximum power of 185kW and peak torque of 420Nm, enabling the PHEV to sprint from 0-100km/h in just 6.9 seconds. The sportiness of the PHEV is enhanced by the eBoost function. With three modes of energy management (AUTO eDRIVE, MAX eDRIVE and BATTERY CONTROL) as well as three driving modes (SPORT, COMFORT and ECO PRO), the driver can perfectly balance between high performance and high efficiency.

            Excelling in intelligent technologies, the BMW 530Le E-range Extension offers the BMW Display Key, welcome light, adaptive suspension and many advanced driver assistance systems. Equipped with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and iDrive 7.0, it enables intelligent five-way HMI operations. At the same time, the new car offers great riding comfort, thanks to its long wheelbase of 3,108mm, luxurious seats, Harman Kardon sound system, panoramic sunroof and ambient lights.

            Customers of the BMW 530Le E-range Extension can benefit from various NEV supporting policies in some cities, including subsidies and free NEV licenses. What’s more, they can enjoy convenient charging services, as BMW installs private chargers for its NEV customers for free and plans to expand its public charging network to nearly 250,000 charging pillars in China by the end of 2020.

            Information about BMW Group products is available to consumers via the Internet at:


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