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            Welcome to BMW-Brilliance

            BMW Announces “BMW Good Rider” and “BMW Good Driver” Initiatives Responding To “One Helmet, One Belt” Campaign
            2020 BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education Online Platform To Be Launched

            June 1, 2020

            (Beijing) On June 1, the “One Helmet, One Belt” Charity Roundtable Discussion and the 2020 BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education (CTSE) Online Launch Ceremony, jointly held by BMW and China Children's Press & Publication Group (CCPPG), puts across its traffic safety message to the public through a full range of media platforms including websites, mini-programs, and apps. BMW announces at the roundtable discussion: BMW will promote “BMW Good Driver” and “BMW Good Rider” initiatives to respond to the “One Helmet, One Belt” Traffic Safety Campaign initiated by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security while continuing to provide children’s traffic safety education via innovative online platform.

            At the charity discussion attended by representatives of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, CCPPG , dealers, car owner volunteers, motorcycle clubs, and media, Mr. Jochen Goller, President & CEO of BMW Group Region China, and Dr. Johann Wieland, President & CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., issue an appeal via video for BMW car and motorcycle owners across China: “BMW is the first auto brand to respond to the ‘One Helmet, One Belt’ campaign in China. we’d like to say to all BMW car and Motorrad owners, our dealer partners, associates and friends, for the sake of yourselves, your loved ones and society as a whole, please pay attention to your driving behavior and etiquette – starting with ‘One Helmet, One Belt’, and become a BMW Good Rider and BMW Good Driver.”

            As a participant in China Road Traffic Safety Charity Alliance, BMW has long been focusing on traffic safety education, calling on the public to pay attention to driving etiquette and traffic safety. In 2017, in response to the "China Good Driver" campaign launched by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, BMW launched the "BMW Good Driver" initiative calling on BMW owners to obey traffic rules and practice traffic etiquette. BMW is also the first to respond to the “One Helmet, One Belt” safety campaign by introducing the “BMW Good Rider” initiative which, together with the “BMW Good Driver” initiative, calls on BMW car and motorcycle riders to wear safety belts and helmets correctly. Through the "BMW Good Rider" CSR campaign, BMW Corporate Social Responsibility calls on BMW motorcycle owners across the country to travel in full gear in all seasons, participate in safety training, and set a role model of traffic rule compliance and courteous driving.

            “Traffic safety is about the safety of one's own life and the lives of others, and it is an important factor that affects people’s sense of happiness,” said Ms. Liu Chunyu, Deputy Director of the Publicity and Education Department of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. “In view of the new mobility environment and the new ways of social communications which has put forward new requirements for traffic safety education in China, the 'One Helmet, One Belt' traffic safety campaign, as one of the priorities of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security for 2020, aims to further enhance the level of safety protection for motorcycle and electric bike riders and car riders, so as to reduce the road accidents and protect people’s lives to the maximum extent.” She added, “Road traffic safety is a systematic cause. We are committed to increasing cross-sector cooperation in the field of traffic safety, and hope that more companies with social responsibility and members of the public will join this action to create a better traffic safety environment for all.”

            Given the pandemic prevention, CTSE quickly acted this year by shifting the focus of work from the real world to the virtual space. On Children’s Day, the Children’s Traffic Safety Education Online Platform, jointly established by CCPPG and Traffic Safety Research Center of the Ministry of Public Security, under the guidance of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, is to be launched. The road safety charity program BMW CTSE becomes among the first programs to join the platform.

            On the platform, BMW offers a series of online education modules including online game, AR exhibition, online training class and live-streaming room to meet the public needs for children’s traffic safety education and provides diversified support and services on three dimensions: In schools, teachers and volunteers can join forces with local traffic police to teach students about traffic safety; at BMW authorized dealerships nationwide, dealers can invite customers to their stores to attend CTSE ambassador training and traffic safety classes; and at home, parents can use the online platform's educational resources to teach their children about traffic safety awareness.

            The “One Helmet, One Belt” charity roundtable discussion and the launch ceremony for the 2020 CTSE was streamed online on multiple platforms on June 1 at 20:00.

            Watch the “One Helmet, One Belt” charity discussion at:
            Youche Yihou:https://res.youcheyihou.com/QA_platform/activity_live.html?id=237#/
            Internet Info Agency:http://wtsv.yiche.com/video/live_1656531.html
            Auto Market Online:http://a.cheshi.com/app_live_22909/
            Website of the Children’s Traffic Safety Education online platform:http://jtaq.k618.cn/

            Information about BMW Group products is available to consumers via the Internet at:


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